Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key – Updated 100% Working Activation Codes

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key to get access to the version of Microsoft Office productivity suite for the MS Windows. The Office 2010 was started to develop in 2006 and was released for manufacturing on April 5, 2010 while was made available for the retail sale on June 15, 2010. The Office 2010 introduced user interface enhancements including a backstage view which consolidates document management tasks into a single location. The user interface of the Office 2010 introduced the Ribbon, which a primary user taskbar at the top of Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. The ribbon was introduced in the 2007 version but it is fully customizable in 2010.

The Office 2010 was very well received by the users. The version received generally positive feedback. The critics praised the backstage view interface of the Office 2010 while the users loved the incorporation of ribbon into all apps. The sales of the version were initially lower than the previous versions of the MS Office but with time it became a success for the Microsoft and surpassed every previous record of the company for adoption, deployment, and revenue. By the end of December 2010, more than 200 million licenses of the Office were sold. The mainstream support for the Office 2010 ended on October 13, 2015, while the extended support will end on October 13, 2020. Below you will find the latest updated Office 2010 Product Key to install it on your windows system.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key 32 Bit Edition


Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key 64 Bit Edition


How to Activate MS Office 2010?

Step 1: Pick one of the product key from above for your version of Office 2010 Product Key.

Step 2: While installation a box show below will come.

Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key

Step 3: Paste the activation code and click continue.

Note: If the key does not work for you please try other keys given above.

Office 2010 included various new features, such as extended file format support, co-authoring features, OneDrive and SharePoint integration, security improvements and read-the only view. Co-authoring features enabled the users to share and simultaneously edit the documents. New security updates included Protected View, which is a sandbox environment to protect users from potentially malicious content. The Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key also introduced with the Office online, a collection of web-based versions of Excel, Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

Backstage View: the new Backstage View is designed to facilitate access to document management and sharing tasks by consolidating them within a single location. It is the interface dedicated to activities and preparations before saving or sharing a document. The Backstage View provides the users with both a left-hand navigation panel and an adjacent main pane. The navigation pane is a series of vertically arranged commands to open or save files and tabs. A customizable number of recently opened documents can also be displayed in the navigation pane. The Backstage View is extensible, meaning the users can add their own commands, tabs, and tasks.

Features in Microsoft Office 2010

File tab: The Office button which was introduced in the Office 2007 is replaced by the File Tab in the 2010 version. The Office button had a different appearance from Ribbon tabs and was positioned away from them. It enhanced the usability of the office, but many saw it as a branding decoration rather than a functional button due to having the Microsoft Logo on it. The File Tab appears next to the other tabs in the ribbon and is colored on a per-app basis. Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key allows you opening the File Tab displays the new backstage view.

Ribbon Improvements: the Ribbon interface was introduced by the Microsoft in the Office 2007 but in the 2010 version they made it completely customizable. The users can add or rename custom ribbon tabs and groups, add additional commands to the default tabs. It also allows the users to hide the tabs which are not used. Users can import or export any customizable changes made to the ribbon to facilitate backups, sharing, deployment or sharing or reset all ribbon customizations. The ribbon was also updated with a visible interface option to minimize it.

Security updates: One of the major security updates was office file validation. It is now incorporated into Excel, PowerPoint, and Word. When the users open a document, the structure of the file format is scanned to ensure that it conforms to the specification defined by XML schema. Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key if a file fails the validation process it will be opened in the Read-only mode by default. This design allows the users to visually assess potentially unsafe documents. The other update included the facility to the users to designate the individual documents as trusted. The trusted documents allow all the active content to operate each time a specific document is opened.

Accessibility Checker: this feature was introduced in Excel, PowerPoint, and Words that inspects documents for issues that could negatively affect visually impaired readers. It opens a task pane with a list of accessibility issues discovered in the document. It also provides suggestions to address these issues. The Accessibility issues can also be reported in the Backstage View in the preparation for Sharing Group so that they can be addressed before the document is shared with the other users.

Following is the list of the removed features in the MS Office 2010

  • Document Workspaces. 
  • InterConnect support. 
  • Microsoft Office Document Imaging. 
  • Microsoft Office Document Scanning. 
  • Office Startup Assistant. 
  • Office Diagnostics. 
  • Research and Reference pane for Internet Explorer. 
  • Special symbol input add-in for East Asia versions. 
  • Support for MSXML version 5. 
  • Insert Clip Art task pane and various Clip Organizer features.

Features removed from Word

  • AutoSummary feature. 
  • Support for Word Add-in Libraries (WLL). 

Features removed from Excel

  • The Conditional Sum and Lookup wizards have been deprecated; a new Function wizard offers similar functionality. 
  • The Person Name smart tag has been removed. 

Features removed from PowerPoint

  • The maximum sound file size option has been replaced by the ability to embed files of any size, which provides similar options. 
  • The ability to save a presentation as a web page. I hope Microsoft Office 2010 Product Key from this site worked for you, if not please comment in the section below and we will solve the issue.